Welcome to the Garage Professor’s New Home

Sandy Ganz is the Garage Professor

Who is the ‘Garage Professor’?

You might remember him from CarCast with Adam Carolla. But long before that he became the Garage Professor by tinkering, experimenting, fixing, and of course breaking things to ultimately learn how things work and how to fix his projects.

Long since parted from that show, Sandy has restarted with his fun and quirky sense of humor to bring you ‘The Garage Professor’ and a fun look at products, technology and wacky projects in the works. And let’s not forget the track days filled with bad driving!

What is a ‘Garage Professor‘?

First and foremost it is YOU. We all love working on our projects and spending time in the garage with our toys and The Garage Professor is to help you to better understand how these work and how to get things done, even if you are not a certified mechanic.

‘Get Your Projects Done‘ has always been a motto of Sandy, and nothing is more satisfying then wrapping a project that you start, and learning new techniques along the way. And don’t kid yourself, we all have a long back log of projects, so come, check out what’s happening in ‘The Garage’.


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One Response to “Welcome to the Garage Professor’s New Home”

  1. Frank O'Neill
    October 14, 2012 at 7:37 am #

    Hi from Australia,
    Loving the resto work on the Mustang (Craftsman site). Waiting for a 66 Pony convertible I bought from Classics by Lash in Florida. Happy Halloween Sandy.


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